Shirley Wiebe is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist living in Vancouver BC. Born and raised near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Shirley's work is informed by a strong childhood relationship with the prairie landscape. She has a keen interest in site-specific and project-based work. Her focus is on the inter-relationship of physical geography and the built environment. 

Shirley has participated in a number of international art residencies as an opportunity to initiate projects and new bodies of work with materials she discovers there. Her research develops through investigations of place, history and materials in her two-dimensional and sculptural work. She pursues something inherently mysterious in objects and materials. Her layered constructions push past limits of the medium into new realms of dream and drama, memory and chance, meaning and oblivion.

Shirley maintains a custom of daily writing, and her writing acts as a connecting thread to her visual ideas. Most recently this ritual with words has evolved into songwriting, self-accompanied on guitar. Her studio in east Vancouver is now a place for both art production and live music jams.