Cozy acts as a protective cover for a severed Douglas fir stump that was taken down by severe windstorms in Stanley Park in 2006. The laced together maple medallions have been compared to scale or chainmail armour, intended to protect against injury. This work addresses the importance of mature trees in the forest. It physically and symbolically shelters what remains of this tree. 

COZY is a nurturing gesture that acknowledges the care and attention our environment needs in order to continue looking after us. As COZY decays, its remains will provide habitat for small mammals and other organisms living in the forest.

Stanley Park is in the heart of the city. In this urban forest one can also sense the sacredness and history that emanates from the land, regardless of human management. COZY explores the social and physical relationships that take place in the forest and in the city, and how they shape the park. Each medallion has been hand engraved with the hopes, concerns, joys and philosophies of many individuals who participated in the project. These contributions add life to a site that is already regenerating with wild flowers.