"A prairie sensibility persists and draws me back to the land as I currently move through day-to-day living in Vancouver. My work focuses on the relationship of physical geography with the built environment. I am curious about how people and communities dwell, work and create meaning in the context of urban living.

I use everyday objects and materials that come across my path as ideas formulate. These elements carry momentum and begin to steer a process that pushes them beyond their common usage and form. Shifting between 2D and installation, I choose what best expresses my theme. 

My recent artwork combines architectural sites and landscapes in an ongoing collage series that explores a state of flux. I feel I am witnessing richness at the rough edges of change, recording history in the making.

Songwriting is the most direct form for some of my impressions. Listeners can enter into and experience their own journey with a good song.

"All of my work is an invitation for viewers to participate with something ordinarily in the periphery. Something fleeting."

- Shirley Wiebe