Call for photos open to Sunshine Coast Residents   Deadline: April 1, 2022

As part of Gibsons Public Art Gallery's summer 2022 exhibition, artist Shirley Wiebe proposes a collaboration with local Sunshine Coast community residents. All images will become part of a large paper sculpture that transforms and reconfigures imagery into a panorama of colour at the GPAG in late August.

Many of us have rediscovered nearby natural surroundings as a source of comfort and renewal. 'Incidental Archive' brings these moments of personal recollection together.

Please submit up to 3 digital files to:

Ladies in the House!             Outsiders and Others  February 2022
Incidental Archive                  Gibsons Public Art Gallery 08.2022

Incidental Archive is an installation-based exhibition composed of three main elements, each made up of numerous reconfigured pieces. The work reveals a process of considered transformation.

'Nearby', one of the proposed works, invites Sunshine Coast residents to contribute nature photography as the basis for a mural which artist Shirley Wiebe will construct on site, transforming the submissions into one reconfigured landscape.

Gibsons Public Art Gallery is located at 431 Marine Drive in Gibsons, BC, just a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver on the Sunshine Coast.


Art residency with hcma October 2020 - September 2021

To broaden the discourse between disciplines, hcma's art residency program stimulates discussion and challenges preconceptions about architectural and design practice.

The invitation to an artist is to challenge, spark curiosity and help ask better questions about the world around us.

I will be working with hcma's offices in Vancouver, Victoria and Edmonton to develop three interconnected site-specific works that reflect on what can unite and bring communities together.

Seeking the Periphery, Paul H Cocker Gallery, Ryerson University Department of Architectural Science, Toronto ON

Virtual Launch March 11, 2021

The Gallery invited submissions that redirect the eye away from the iconic photographic image toward new forms and representational culture. The aim is to assemble and display alternative representations that lead away from homogeneity toward an architecture and culture that claims no specific centre. The abolition of the centre, and its replacement with the void is a position in architecture and culture that redirects perception to the Periphery.

Rhapsody at AMP Window Gallery
I Like Your Work - Hedges and Houses and Mothers and Children Fall Juried Show starting October 15 2020 Curated by Pennylane Shen

PRECIOUS MAGAZINE HK Issue #82 June 2020

Precious Magazine is a bilingual platform for contemporary art and style. My installation COZY was selected for a Top 10 Award in their 2nd Biannual Art Exchange. Issue #82 features eco-friendly works and interviews with ten artists from around the world.

What are u working on? Pendulum Gallery July 20 - August 14, 2020

My installation 'Silent Concert' will be part of 'What are u working on?" a group exhibition at Pendulum Gallery in downtown Vancouver.


Strait Art: An Anthology of Exhibitions from the Upper Left-Hand Corner by JAKE SENIUK

For more information or to order please contact:

A most cherished and long awaited collection of Jake's writings and exhibition essays, along with his photographic images of the works so thoughtfully curated.

I am honoured to have an image of 'Surroundings' included next to the afterword.

 229 1/2 Main - Video Collaboration with Rory Mahony 

 Please use this link to view the 6 minute video:


Commission complete

Upper Floor

Mixed media on paper

8x10 inches

Upper Floor is a commissioned work that remembers the gutted state of a family owned building at the foot of Main Street. The century-old structure is currently being lovingly rebuilt from the inside out.